Long ago, Casa Grande was one of the traditional farms of the Antioquia East. Mr. Rodrigo Arango, owner of the land and a visionary, decided to make his dream come true, create a project that felt like home, but with all the comforts of a good hotel
To materialize it, I hire two hotel experts. Manuel Molina and Rodrigo García, both with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.
One day before the opening, the experts sat down to discuss the name of the hotel and thought the following:
Rodrigo: "Hey Manuel. Those who are going to come to the hotel are pure gringos. Why don't we use part of the name of the MGM Grand chain so that they get confused and end up here?
Manuel "I think it's excellent, that's how it will remain. Also, if you ask, we can say that they are our surnames: Molina and García."
And thus, MG & Suites by DOT Urban was born.